2016: The year of Austen

keep calm and read austenSo, I have another reading resolution. I can’t remember how the resolution came to me. I think I was watching Youtube and someone mentioned that Jane Austen only wrote six books in her lifetime (two of them being published after her death). I thought that it would be cool to read all of her novels. I have already read Pride & Prejudice and absolutely loved it. I really want to read her other works. I have planned to read one novels a month. This would mean that I should be done in June.

read with friends

At first I was going to read her novels in chronological order. However, I am also in the Read with Friends book club on Goodreads and they are reading Sense and Sensibility in March. So in order for me to read the book with them, I will rearrange the order. Here is the schedule starting in February (Note: Pride and Prejudice is not on this list since I read it last year).

February: Persuasion

March: Sense and Sensibility

April: Emma

May: Mansfield Park

June: Northanger Abbey

Have you read all of Jane Austen’s work? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

🙂 Ashley

One thought on “2016: The year of Austen

  1. Reading is so fun, and I love this post in specific because hello! Jane Austen. And would you mind checking out my blog it’s a bit random and bit newer but I am pleading for readers. Thanks in advance!


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