Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close



Publisher: Vintage Contemporaries

Number of Pages: 292

Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary

Synopsis: This story follows three ladies as they enter early adulthood in New York City. Isabella, Mary and Lauren are all twenty-somethings living in the city. With Close’s wry sense of humor, we get to see how they navigate dating, jobs, marriage families, friendships and babies. 


I saw this book on Pintrest a while ago. It was a book that said everyone must read in their twenties. I bought the book but it has been on my shelf for about 6 months. I finally decided to give it a chance. After I read the first chapter, I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the book and found it fast paced and funny. The chapters are long, but I was flying through them and they were laugh out loud funny. However, as I got into the book, I thought it read more like a series of short stories. Each chapter went to a different character’s POV and sometimes went back in time. I found it very hard to keep track of the characters and their stories. Because of this, I was not very invested in the characters and what happened to them. I found that after reading about two thirds of the book, I was just trying to finish because I wanted to be done, not because I cared what happened to the characters. The ending (the last chapter) was very disappointing and it kind of just ended.

Pros: Very funny! I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire book. This book was also very easy to read and the pacing was great.

Con: The characters. I didn’t really get invested in them or their journey.

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close: 2.5/5 stars

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